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New wiring and repairs

Any time you take on a remodel - be it the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or your business - there will need to be an electrician involved. This is also true if you are planning new construction. An electrician will help you map out what electrical work is needed.

Adding on to your home or remodeling takes a lot of planning. Our expert team will install new wiring or rewire older electrical systems to make sure they run smoothly.

Help from beginning to end

Our staff will help plan out your remodel to make sure everything is wired correctly to keep your home safe. A plan will keep things from having to be moved around after the remodel, which will save you money.


We also will help you add an addition to your home. We can install new wiring and stay with you throughout the construction to make sure everything works properly.


Learn about how we fix old wiring

When you move into an older house, it might require some electrical work because the wiring is old. Old wiring can cause the lights to flicker when you plug in the toaster or the TV to short out.


Repairs might have to be done to the existing wiring to make everything work properly. Our expert technicians will be able to do an analysis to determine what is needed.

Get it done the right way, the first time

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